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Polyisobutylene (10 companies found)

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  • Cellular Developments Ltd

    Injection compression and transfer moulding of a very wide range of solid and cellular polymers. Rubber to metal bonding. Extrusions in solid and sponge rubber. Die cut seals and gaskets in solid and sponge with or without self adhesive backing. Press capacity from 25 tons to 500 tons. In house...

    For 28 years De-Ka kimya A.S. supports the rubber market with material and knowhow. Due to the company owned experience in rubber formulary and trouble shooting in the rubber production we supply our customers with the right EPDM grades and standards which fulfill the customer requirements....
  • Resinex Ltd

  • Arto Chemicals Ltd

    Distributors and international traders of plastic polymers and synthetic rubber
  • Multisol Group

    Suppliers of plasticisers, solvents, acids, alcohols, hydrocarbons, heat transfer fluids, polyols, white oils, etc
  • Blagden Speciality Chemicals Ltd

    Polymer additives including impact modifiers and processing aids, organic and inorganic pigments, fillers and chemicals plasticisers and fire retardants marketing and distribution.
  • Rubber Extrusion And Seals Ltd

    We are manufacturers of Industrial Seals, Silicone Extrusions, Draught Excluders, Draughtproofing, Weatherstripping, Brush Seals, Brush Strip, Strip Brush, Door Seals, Rubber Extrusions, Plastic Extrusions, EPDM Extrusions, Rubber Mouldings, Gaskets, Washers, Neoprene, Silicone tubing. We have...
  • DJ Polymers Ltd

    Rubber compounders - UK agent for Hexagon Polymers Compounding GmbH
  • Adam Polymer Ltd

  • Clwyd Compounders Ltd