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Product Spotlight

available from HOSOKAWA ALPINE Aktiengesellschaft
Hosokawa Alpine co-extrusion blown film lines are used today for the majority of film applications. Since different materials and raw material types can be combined these co-extrusion lines are both extremely flexible and highly economical. Our HXS extruder series is of modular design enabling... Read more ›
available from Adescor Inc., a Unicor GmbH Company
Offering downstream equipment for the pipe extrusion industry, Adescor have a reputation of quality and well built machines. With many standard designs to choose from for cutting, coiling, punching and packaging pipe and tubing the company has solutions for most pipe extrusion plants. Recently... Read more ›

Top Companies

Manufacture and design machinery for the plastic pipe extrusion industry. Experts in downstream process equipment for corrugated pipe extrusion plants, with machine groups of: cutoffs, conveyors, coilers, spinwelders, perforator, punching and packing equipment.
The high quality of our products is one of the basic factors which contributes towards our business success. It constitutes an important criterion for the purchasing decision and creates a reliable bond between us and our customers.